Buffy's eyes went very wide when she realized what he was saying.  She didn't argue, though, but quickly went to undo his chains.  When they wouldn't cooperate, she growled in frustration, grasped a section tightly and snapped it apart.  The sudden release of tension made Angel gasp as his lungs suddenly filled with air.  Buffy looked shocked, but she couldn't be more shocked than he was.  Still, she said nothing as she continued to unwrap Angel's bindings.

Finally Angel was free, and sat up, breathing deeply and rubbing his arms.  "Whoa," he whispered to himself in shock.

Buffy had moved to sit next to him on the bed.  "Are you alright?"

"Yeah," Angel said a touch breathlessly, "except I seem to have lost circulation in my arms."

"Angel, you don't have circulation," Buffy said, bewildered.

"I know," Angel agreed.

Buffy took his hand, suddenly, and tried to check his wrist for a pulse.  Angel could have told her his heart was beating &endash; rather wildly, in fact.  On a whim he reached out to touch the cross that hung from around Buffy's neck.  He winced at the burning pain it gave him, and Buffy sudden jump told him that he'd vamped out in response.

"Whoa," she whispered once he'd returned to normal.

"Whoa indeed," Angel agreed.

"What's going on?" they both asked at the same time, then chuckled weakly.  There was a different sort of tension between them, one born of confusion.

"This is too weird," Buffy said, reaching out to touch his face again.  "You're cool, but not as cool as…"

"As a vampire?" Angel asked softly.

"Yeah," Buffy agreed.  "This is too weird," she said again.

Angel grinned, slightly amused by her shock.  "You think this is weird for you?"

Buffy smiled.  "Gotcha," she agreed.  "I wonder…"  Then her expression turned bemused.  She seemed to come to realization and stood suddenly.

"Where are you going?" Angel asked, following her as she walked from the room.

She turned and grinned at him.  "Following up on a hunch," she said, picking up the phone.


"I'm calling my roommate."


Willow sat on the floor of her room for what seemed like an eternity after Tara left.  She didn't go to put away any of the books or ritual supplies.  She just sat and stared at the crystal, the center of the spell she and Tara had cast.

When the crystal filled suddenly with light, Willow almost jumped.  The glow faded but did not disappear completely and she smiled.  She lifted the stone, cradling it in her palm and feeling its slight warmth.  Ignoring the rest of the evening's mess, she went and sat down on her bed.  The spell was complete.  Now all that was left was to see if it worked.

She didn't have to wait long.  The phone rang about five minutes later and Willow picked it up before the first ring could finish.  "Hey."

Buffy chuckled on the other end.  "That was fast.  And perky, too.  If I didn't know better I'd think you were waiting for me too call."  There was a hint of a question in that last statement.

"And if I was?"

"Then I'd ask you what spells you've been playing with."

Willow was grinning wildly and was glad that Buffy couldn't see her.  "What makes you think I've been playing with spells?"

"Willow…"  Buffy's voice was kiddingly dangerous.

"Alright," Willow said with a chuckle.  "How are you guys doing?  How…how's Angel?"

"You did do this!" Buffy said suddenly.  She didn't sound unhappy about that fact.

Willow didn't deny it.  "Are you going to tell me how Angel is?"  When Buffy didn't respond quickly, she said, "I promise I'll explain everything in a minute.  But I need to know if it worked like it was supposed to first."

Buffy sighed.  "Well, we were kissing.  And then next thing I know Angel's breathing and has a heartbeat.  Oh, but crosses still burn him and he vamped out."

"Yes!" Willow suddenly cheered into the phone.  Realizing she'd just yelled into Buffy's ear she apologized quickly.  "Sorry.  I just…this was a big spell and I wasn't sure it would work."

"What exactly did you do?" Buffy asked finally.

"Well, after you left I talked to Tara and decided to do something we should have done a long time ago &endash; see if there was a way to fix Angel's curse.  When we couldn't do that or find some way to bind his soul, we…worked around it.   It was sort of Tara's idea, actually.  Since a soul is automatically part of a living body, we…well, we sort of gave him magical CPR.  We sort of used your life to jump start his."

"What does that mean?" Buffy asked in a soft, hopeful tone.

"He's…well, he's like a vampire with a human body.  I don't know all of what it'll mean for him &endash; I don't think this spell has ever been used this way before.  I think he'll end up somewhere in between human and vampire &endash; needing both blood and normal food, able to tolerate some sunlight…but he'll definitely still have his vampire strength and everything because his demon isn't going anywhere.  But, um, neither is his soul.  Actually, uh…physical contact will strengthen the spell," she finished, slightly embarrassed.

There was a moment of silence on the other end.  "Are you sure?" Buffy asked finally.

"That was the whole point," Willow assured her.

"I…uh…wow," Buffy stuttered.  "Thank you."

Willow chuckled.  "You're welcome," she said, then yawned.  She hadn't slept yet.  "So, when are you coming back?"

Buffy laughed lightly.  "One thing at a time," she said.  "I'm still sort of in shock here."

"I can understand that," Willow said.  "It's been a crazy day."

"Only a day?" Buffy asked teasingly.  "You sound tired.  Get some rest.  I'll call you later.  And Willow?"


"Thank you."




Buffy hung up the phone slowly, all the time aware of Angel standing behind her.  She said nothing for a long while, smiling to herself.

"Well?" Angel said after a moment.  His voice sounded like he was preparing for the worst.

Buffy turned quickly and drew him into an embrace.  She kissed him deeply, surprising him for a moment before he responded.  She savored the warmth she felt, both from him and from her own heart.  This was so incredibly right.

He pulled away finally and she chuckled to see him breathless.  "What was that for?" he asked.

She smiled.  "I am just very glad that I have a practicing spell-caster for a roommate.  And that she's a hopeless romantic who decided we should live happily ever after together."

"Oh really?" Angel asked, sounding amused.  "What exactly did she do?"

"Well," Buffy said with a grin, keeping her body pressed to him.  "The short version is that your soul isn't going anywhere.  We've already decided that we're back together and I think we're both deserving of some 'true happiness.'  The long version can wait."  She kissed him again, but briefly this time.

"What about your boyfriend?"

"I'll dump him," Buffy said matter-of-factly and tried to kiss him again.

He avoided it briefly.  "What about my job?"

"I'll commute."

Angel chuckled.  "Has anyone ever told you that you're perfect?"

"Angel," Buffy whined in exasperation.  "Has anyone ever told you that you talk too much?"




Willow leaned back on her bed, quite proud with herself.  If all went well, and somehow she knew it would, she would have a much happier roommate returning from L.A.  Well, whenever she returned.  She doubted Buffy was in any hurry to leave Angel's side.

As she rolled over to try and go to sleep, Willow glimpsed the spell crystal, glowing steadily in the darkened room.  Somewhere down the hall a radio played a familiar song.  Safe with the knowledge that some loves could last forever, Willow smiled and listened as she drifted off to sleep.

I can feel the magic floating in the air

Being with you gets me that way

I watch the sunlight dance across your face and I, oh I've

Never been this swept away.

All my thoughts just seem to settle on the breeze

When I'm lying wrapped up in your arms

The world just fades away and the only thing I hear

Is the beating of your heart.

And I can feel you breathe, it's washing over me

Suddenly I'm melting into you

There's nothing left to prove, baby all we need is just to be

Caught up in the touch, the slow and steady rush

And baby isn't that the way love's supposed to be?

I can feel you breathe

Just breathe.

In a way I know my heart is waking up

As all the walls come tumbling down

Closer than I've ever felt before and I know and you know

There's no need for words right now.

And I can feel you breathe, it's washing over me

Suddenly I'm melting into you

There's nothing left to prove, baby all we need is just to be

Caught up in the touch, the slow and steady rush

And baby isn't that the way love's supposed to be?

I can feel you breathe

Just breathe.

Caught up in the touch, the slow and steady rush

And baby isn't that the way love's supposed to be?

I can feel you breathe

Just breathe.

I can feel the magic floating in the air

Being with you gets me that way.