Stolen Moments


"Whose idea was this?," Buffy asked as she pulled her lips from Angel's. They'd been going at it like animals for the past ten minutes and it was definitely time for some air. But, thankfully she didn't need much, and Angel needed none at all. Before he could even answer the question her lips were once again firmly on his.

Angel returned the kiss and pulled away, flashing her a sexy smile. "I said we should meet the gang at the Bronze," he answered, his lips gliding to her cheek. "You decided behind the Bronze was better. You make a guy feel so special."

Buffy let out a chuckle which quickly turned into a sigh of pleasure when Angel lips brushed her neck. She figured she should be worried. Angel was awfully worked up and her neck was oh so very close. But when his mouth started lower, gliding past her collarbone and into the deep vee of her shirt, she knew he had more important things on his mind.

"Okay," she continued breathlessly. "We could have done this at your place. This is all my fault. And I'm sorry." She stopped abruptly when she felt a breeze. Looking down she saw that Angel had uncovered a breast. A second later she closed her eyes moaning, as he took her nipple into his mouth. "Angel, honey, let's go home."

But Angel would not be swayed from his task. He lifted her in his arms and soon her breast was level with his mouth. Buffy wrapped her legs around his waist and held on as he worked his magic.

Angel uncovered her other breast and eagerly turned his attention to it. He ran his tongue around her nipple causing it to harden in reaction. Buffy leaned her head against the wall and moaned when he finally took her into his mouth and sucked greedily.

Angel looked up at Buffy and smiled. "We can't go home," he told her as he pulled away from her breasts. "We have to meet Xander and Willow four minutes. If we're late, they'll worry. If they worry they'll come looking for you. I'm pretty sure you don't want to be caught like this. So, babe, looks like we're stuck here."

Buffy groaned, calling herself an idiot for even starting this mess. Why couldn't she just keep her hormones in check? It was Angel's fault. They hadn't seen each other for two weeks, something about him taking care of some business. So while he'd been out of town, she'd been in Sunnydale lusting after her absent guy. When he'd finally gotten back into town, just three short hours ago, she'd wasted no time seeking him out. They had lost time to make up for and she had plans for it.

Unfortunately, she'd also scheduled a crazed dance party with Xander and Willow at the Bronze. She thought about calling off, but decided that her buds needed a break. So, instead of sitting at home snuggled up with Angel, she'd dragged him out. They'd almost reached the Bronze when her hormones had just taken over. She'd pushed Angel into an alley and proceeded to firmly attach herself to him. Angel had responded eagerly and now here they were.

Buffy was pulled out of her thoughts when she felt Angel's hands brushing her thighs. She looked down at him, her eyes narrowed trying to discover what he was up to.

"I'm guessing by now we only have a couple of minutes before we're due at inside. Don't start something you can't finish," she said, leaning back closing her eyes as his fingers brushed over her panties.

"Don't wory, I won't." Angel slid a hand inside her panties, his fingers searching out her secrets. "I've spent all day contemplating what I was going to do to you when I finally saw you. Since we can't do what I planned, at least not now, I'll just have to improvise." He leaned forward, kissing her as his fingers dipped into her.

She opened her eyes and looked at him, her hips thrusting into his hand. "Angel, don't do this," she warned her voice husky as she moaned. His only response was a mischevious smile.

Angel's fingers brushed her clitoris and she bucked her hips in response. Again and again his fingers expertly fondled her and she could only moan.

"Angel," Buffy said brokenly, trying to catch her breath. "When...this is...finished..."

Angel smiled. "When this is finished what?," he asked as he slipped two fingers inside her.

He moved his fingers in and out of her and his thumb continued to massage her clit, bringing Buffy to the brink. Buffy moaned as he brought her to orgasm. He slid his fingers into her once again and she lost control. Crying out, she came as waves and waves of pleasure washed over her. He clamped his mouth to hers to quiet her moans, his fingers still fondling her.

Buffy opened her eyes moments later and found herself staring into Angel's smiling eyes.

"You were saying something before?" Angel asked her as a small smile curved his lips.

Buffy sighed completely spent. "Forget it," she told him. "We'll talk about it later."

Angel nodded, understanding completely. He moved slightly and Buffy found her feet once again on the ground. He rearranged her skirt, while she fixed her shirt. Running her hands through her hair, Buffy looked at her watch.

"We're a minute late," she told Angel. "Let's go."

Before Buffy could walk away Angel pulled her to him for another kiss. She returned the kiss, only pulling away when it became apparent that if she didn't stop, they'd be back in their previous postitions.


Willow and Xander sat at their usual table in the Bronze checking the door. Angel and Buffy were late. Not terribly late, just two minutes but if they were late then something was wrong. The two Slayerettes were just about to go searching when they spotted the Slayer and her vampire friend.

Willow smiled as she saw her friends walk into the Bronze hand in hand. The smile widened when she noticed something different about Buffy. Not something obvious, just a little something different. When Buffy and Angel reached the table Willow couldn't help but chuckle.

"Looks like you two have been busy," she said loudly in an effort to be heard over the blaring music of the club.

Buffy sent the hacker a look. She should have known she couldn't pull one over on Will.

Smiling broadly at her friend she said, "You know, stolen moments are the best moments you'll have."