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Together- A sweet fluffy story set after Buffy and Angel reunite.

Bones- Somehow, Angel's soul is permenant, and he and Buffy have gotten back together. They've decided to take things slowly, but is it really working?

A Face So Familiar- In the future, a lonely and grieving Angel meets up with someone he used to know, sort of.


The following stories aren't complete, in that I haven't posted the entire, finished product. Ducks has written some excellent series, but they're a little longer than what I had in mind for this site, so what follows are the first chapters in two of her longer series. Consider them teasers. I suggest you read them, and if they look interesting, go visit her site at the link below for the rest of the story, the next chapter, and more.


The Cure- This is an alternate ending to Graduation Part II, and that's all I'm saying. Anything else will spoil the story.

Something Old- Back in "Something Blue," Willow accidently got Buffy and Spike to plan a wedding. What if she'd willed something else to happen instead? Something involving Angel?


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