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These are some of my favorite writers. It is by no means all of them, but they are some of the very best. There are a few stories from each author here, but they are by no means all of the material these individuals have produced. Where it is possible, there are links to these author's own home pages where you can find the rest of their work, or links to archives where you can find their stories. Again, please let them know what you think. Feedback is addicting, and can help break through that writer's block, or general season four doldrums, at least for me. So, if you like what you read, let them know.



Cynamin writes very good stories, especially post "I Will Remember You" fluff. There are two such stories here, Seconds and Remember to Breathe, along with one humerous spell-gone-wrong story called Animalistic, and links to both Cynamin's page and her archive for IWRY stories.


Ducks writes a lot of things. So, there's one fluffy Together, one smutty Bones, one angsty A Face So Familiar, and then there are the teasers; the opening chapters to two of her best series. I tried to get a cross section of what she writes, but I only have so much room, so check out her stories, and go to her site for more.



Only one of her stories is posted here, Then Serve In Heaven, but it's well worth it. It's one of the best adventure, mystery, gut-wrenching romances out there. Check out her site for the sequal, which is incomplete, and some stories that may or may not be part of the finished product. She and other authors have added scenes, and alternate endings for what is due to become a trilogy.


It was so hard to pick what to post for Tam. So, here is fun pre "Surprise" conversation between Buffy and Angel in Hello, a great What Curse? piece called Stolen Moments, and an angsty post "Revelations" story called When All Is Done. Check out her site for additional B/A stories, and some differant pairings.


Two great aftermath pieces by Tink; one is Unfaithful, dealing with the aftermath of "Enemies" and Buffy's insecurites, and one is Insight, a great follow up to "I Will Remember You", with great insight to Angel's point of view. There are many others, equally as good on her site, so check them out as well



DISCLAIMER:All stories are posted with the author's permission, and belong to them. The characters and the universes are the property of Joss Wheadon, the WB, Mutant Enemy and Fox Television, plus anyone I may have missed. Stories are posted soley for the enjoyment of the fans, and are not for profit. Bottom line? Please don't sue us, and don't take anything that doesn't belong to you.

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